World Spells are powerful spells, that can be used only once in a game. Every civilization has its own World Spell.

List of World SpellsEdit


If a civilization constructs the Birthright Regained ritual, they will regain the use of their World Spell for one more use.

This means that they can cast their World Spell a total of 2 times during the game.

This is particularly useful for civilizations such as:

  • Grigori (an extra reset of the Great Person counter)
  • Illians (extra Stasis in the late-game during wars)
  • Luchuirp (extra Golden Hammers for a city with epic production)
  • Elohim (an extra set of turns with guaranteed peace)
  • Balseraphs (a second free 2x-duration Golden Age

Situationally, the following civs can also take advantage of birthright Regained:

  • Sheaim (if the AC is very high)
  • Sidar (to stealth an invasion force)
  • Bannor (to force a wave of unit production from Towns)

Civilizations that should never consider doing this are the following:

  • Ljosalfar (in the late game, turning your Ancient Forests to New Forests and Treants is almost guaranteed to kill your economy and starve your people to death; and in the late game, Treants aren't worth the cost, as you would have ready access to stronger, better units)

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