Race: Human
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Nothing
Info: 0 Strength
2 Move
Cost: 75 Production
Special: Builds at 100% Workrate
Can Build Farm
Can Build Mine
Can Build Road
Can Build Quarry
Can Build Camp
Can Build Workshop
Can Build Lumbermill
Can Build Watermill
Can Build Fort
Can Build Winery
Can Build Plantation
Can Build Cottage
Can Build Windmill
Can Build Pasture
Can Remove Jungle and Forest
Can Sacrifice to Build Pirate Cove

The majority of people in all civilizations throughout time have been workers. Whether engaged in farming, commerce, or industry, their actions form the economic infrastructure without which no nation can succeed. Over time, the endless activity of workers has reshaped the very suface of the land by mining hills, cutting down huge stretches of forest, and irrigating hostile terrain into fertile farmland. By the late 20th century it had become apparent that excessive deforestation and pollution from heavy industry posed a threat to the world's environment.


Be careful to protect your workers from enemies trying to steal them. Ideally protect each square a worker is on with a military escort (preferably with at least 2 movement so to keep up with the worker unit). An interesting thing you might to try is to have Govannon Teach Workers Spellcasting. That way, your workers can also function like Adepts.

In base Civilization IV, a general rule of thumb is to have 2 workers for every 3 cities you own (in the early- to mid-game). This rule of thumb can be used in FFH2 as well, though different civilizations have varying levels of utility from this advice (e.g. Lanun have less use for workers due to water-based strategies, whereas the Malakim may need more to improve floodplains or desert hills because improvements take longer on desert).


Worker lanunLanun Worker malakimMalakim Worker sidarSidar

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