Wood Golem
Wood golem
Race: Golem
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Construction
Sculptor's Studio
Starts With: Golem
Vulnerable to Fire
Info: 6 Strength
Cost: 90 Production
Replaces: Axeman


The Luchuirp's first golem unit, Wood golems are good as attackers or defenders, being stronger than the units most civs are likely to have access to at the same time. Like all golems, however, they cannot level up to gain promotions. Beware their vulnerability to fire.


The novice Luchuirp crafters at the start of the age of rebirth tried working the exotic materials that their ancestors used, but found they needed more practice to get useful forms for their enchanting process. The wood golems produced by this practice turned out to make decent fighters, and could be found filling out the ranks admist their sturdier relatives throughout the age.

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