Wolf Rider
Wolf rider
Race: Orcish
Unit Class: Mounted Unit
Requires: Horseback Riding
Clan of Embers
A Goblin defeating a Wolf in combat
Starts With: >Does Not Receive Defensive Bonuses
+10% Withdrawal Chance
+40% vs Archery Units
Info: 4 Strength
3 Move
Cost: 60 Production
Upgrages From: Goblin
Upgrades To: Chariot
Replaces: Horseman

"In battle, the wild ones copy the tactics of civilization, though they could not hope to understand them. They march in rough companies, but break into a frenzy at the first sight of the enemy, thus negating the formations. They hail a leader, but follow their own plans when his back is turned. They divide a portion of their force for cavalry, despite being unable to mount a horse. Although... of the Wolf Riders, I have gained a grudging respect, in their bravery at mounting such a fearsome beast--and at their aptitude for it."

Excerpt from Lilar Jaswin's "Interactions among the lesser races," chapter IV

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