Way of the Forests
Requires: Hunting
Leads to: Hidden Paths
Allows: First to Discover Founds Fellowship of Leaves
Receive Free Disciple of Leaves
Disciple of Leaves
Temple of Leaves
Cost: 500 BeakerIcon
Type: Tech

The smallest patches of grass are more wondrous than the greatest monuments of rock and metal.--The Green Rites, chapter IV, sermon VII


Way of the Forests allows the researcher to found the Fellowship of Leaves, if they are the first to do so. If you have the Fellowship of Leaves as your State Religion, you may also research Hidden Paths after Way of the Forests. It allows you to build Fawns, which are recon units that can capture animals, with the Fellowship of Leaves state religion, and you may build Disciples of Leaves (which can spread the religion) if the religion is present in your city. You are rewarded a free Disciple of Leaves when you obtain the technology.

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