Race: Human
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Nothing
Strength: 3 Strength
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 25 Production
Upgrages From: Adventurer
Upgrades To: Axeman


In times such as these, no man is raised without knowledge of how to use weapons, and no household is without a sword. When all others fail, the people themselves are the last line of defence. Warriors are no more than peasants with any weapon they can get their hands on, called upon to defend their homes, their livelihoods, and their families. Although they fight with a desperate bravery and stubborness born of the knowledge that they are fighting to protect everything they hold dear, their lack of training and haphazard equipment makes them no match for professional soldiers. The Barbarian Warrior has none of the merits of the civilized men, save their fanatical bravery. Warriors form the bulk of the Barbarian war bands that prey on outlying settlements, thriving on destruction and slaughter. Most Barbarians carry on the way of their nomadic ancestors, ceaselessly on the move, still worshipping the ancient and bloodthirsty pagan gods, and their spine-chilling war cries and horrific appearance are the terror of the borderlands. These menaces to the civilized world deserve nothing less than to be exterminated.


Apart from being your early defense against Barbarians and unfriendly neighbors, Warriors are also the only Melee Unit that can be upgraded to an Archery Unit. If you can level your Warriors high enough, you can give them melee-only promotions, notably Guardsman, and then upgrade them to Archery units, making for very strong defenders against Assassins

Warriors will never lose their use in any civ. They can be converted to Drown, upgrade into Archers or Axe/Swords Men, or just serve as quick cannon fodder should you require it. Always have a city that can make Warriors - the fact they can upgrade to so many classes is priceless, given that you have some gold.


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