Race: Vampire
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Starts With:
Strength: 5 Strength
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 180 Production
Replaces: Champion

Every Vampire on Erebus can trace their lineage to Alexis or Flauros, the first vampires born in ages past. Some of the first to receive the gift from them live on to the present, ruling clans and cities, and keeping their 'offspring' in check. Spoiled and accustomed to power, life under the rulership of a Vampire is a harsh existence, with the perpetual dread of being 'invited' to a feast. Humans ruled by Vampires in the Age of Rebirth responded one of two ways: with resigned depression, or fanatically devotion, joining the ranks of the Moroi in order to prove themselves worthy of the gift. Though relatively few have their wishes so granted, those who do frequently turn their backs on their human lives, becoming as cruel and decadent as the masters they serve. They delight in darker magics and in relish combat, though only when the odds are wildly in their favor do most Vampires consider joining the melee.


Capable fighters with a handful of useful Spells, vampires true strength lies in their ability to grow in power from feasting on city population - and to pass this power on to worthy allies.

Difference from Champion Edit

  • Has minor Magic.
  • Has Vampirism.

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