NOTE: This section needs heavy improvement. Most unit articles are incomplete, and most descriptions are only lore.

Unit ClassesEdit

Units in FFH come in 10 categories:

  • Melee - Units like Axemen or Warriors. Most of these units are the bulk of your offensive force.
  • Archery - Units like Marksmen or Archers. Most of these units have high defense, making them hard to kill, but others have more offensive tactics.
  • Disciple - Units like Priests and Acolytes. The Medic promotion is almost completley exclusive to this class. They also know some spells.
  • Arcane - Units like Adepts and Mages. This class holds the bulk of Spellcasters, and most are weak. You'll want to escort them. Most of them also gain experience over time, allowing them to learn spells with no need of fighting.
  • Recon - Units like Scouts and Assasins. These units will either excel against the animals of the wild, or be specially trained in killing men.
  • Animal - Units like Wolves and Lions. Most are normally unvailable unless captured.
  • Beast - Units like Dragons. These units are usually VERY STRONG and uncapturable except by the most skilled of Recon Units.
  • Mounted - Units like horsemen. These units combine the offensive power of Melee Units with the speed of Recon Units. On the downside, they cannot fortify for non-healing purposes.
  • Naval - Units like galleons. Most are either transports or Warships, but don't forget them pesky pirates. An overlooked fact by many people is that any Ship subclass unit of this category is not alive, because it's not really the ship that's alive, it's the ship's crew, which is represented by the ship's ability to change crews.
  • Siege Weapons - Units like catapults. A must to take down cities as they bombard defenses.
  • None - Units like Golems and Skeletons. Most of these units cannot receive a lot of promotions, and often come through special methods with the exception of the Luirchip, who build golems, and Workers and Settlers.
  • Heroes - While still part of one of the other categories, these units are limited and have special abilities. Most Heroes retain the strengths and weaknesses of their category. Heroes can abandon you, which means they can be built again, but if they die by the sword, then they're gone for good.

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