Race: Elemental
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Unit casting Summon Treant
Ljosalfar casting March of the Trees
Randomly spawns when enemies enter Ancient Forest of a civilization following Fellowship of Leaves
Starts With: Elemental
Vulnerable to Fire
Cannot Pillage
Info: 10 Strength
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Special: If killed while on an unimproved tile, will create a New Forest

The very heart of a mature forest, only a trained eye can discern a treant amidst the trees it protects. Incredibly long lived, they view the seasons as days, and rarely stir. It takes a man seeped in the lore of the forests and in tune with the deepest magics of the planet to awaken a treant, although they have been known on occasion to arise out of ancient forests when it is breached by invaders. Inevitably the outcome is heavy casualties to even well trained units, and the forest returns to sleep quickly. Usually the only evidence of the foiled attack is the mutilated corpses of the invaders, quickly absorbed into the ecosystem of the forest.

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