The Mithril Golem
The mithril golem
Race: Golem
Unit Class: None
Requires: Runes of Kilmorph as State religion
Must be Built in Runes of Kilmorph Holy City
Mithril Working
Armageddon Counter at least 70
Starts With: +60% City Attack
Sentry I
Earth III
Religion: Runes of Kilmorph
Info: 25 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 5000 Production
Special: Will abandon civilization if state religion switches from Runes of Kilmorph

Mithril is prized in part for its ability to resist spells of all kinds, leading to highly sought after armor for any warrior. However, even the Luchuirp Arch-Enchanters found themselves unable to bind any enchantments, no matter what form it was given. For a long time the idea was thought to be impossible. Then one day a dwarven city was overrun by a legion of drowned. The stone warden who found the ruins cried out to Kilmorph, rending his robes as he fell to his knees in horror. Even dwarven woman and child had been beheaded, the men dragged towards the waters, presumably to rise again and spread the misery further through the land. Kilmorph's heart broke, and she spoke to the Stonewarden, instructing him to build the largest golem ever seen, shaped like a dwarf but cast of pure Mithril. When the time golem was finished, he was told, Kilmorph would give it life as their spells could not. What they would do with it was up to them; the goddess knew she was intervening too much already. The Stonewarden nodded, and gathered his hammer and set off for the Holy city. It would take a long time to forge the parts, and much blood would be shed as he toiled stoically day after day. But the evil would be pushed from the land--forever.

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