In the beginning there was only vacuum. The One first created a place he named Heaven and his throne was called Order. He followed up his creation by letting 21 creatures into it. This new form he named Angels. He gave them the power of creation and commanded them to go out into the vacuum and fill it with creation that mirrored that of Heaven. After time some of the Angels, especially Agares, sensed that the One would take from them the power of Creation. This he felt was unjust to what they had done to Creation. Other Angels trusted the judgement of the One and opposed Agares and his followers. This seperated the Angels in three groups, where the one that sided with neither held their place in the middle.

Agares, still in control of the power of Creation decided to use his power to create infinite plains of raw material. When the One finally stripped Agares of his power he had enough material continue creation to the end of time. After Agares was stripped of his power he continued to create. He made his own world that he named Nyx, which did not mirror that of Heaven, but was made of his own desires.

When the One discovered this it was too late for him to act without destroying all of Creation. So immense was his holiness. Unwilling to destory creation he banned all the Angels from Heaven to live in Creation until his return to separate the Good from the Evil .

To get a full understanding of the sides the Angels have gotten despite their original assignment given by the One, you should read History of Erebus.

Good GodsEdit

  • Lugus- Angel of Light (Sun)
  • Sirona- Angel of Wisdom (Spirit)
  • Nantosuelta- Angel of Faith (Enchantment)
  • Nemed- Angel of Life (Life), who gave his domain to Arawn when he became a man
  • Amathaon- Angel of Fertility (Creation)
  • Junil- Angel of Justice (Law)
  • Sucellus- Angel of Growth (Nature), after being resurrected he became the Angel of Life

Neutral GodsEdit

  • Arawn- Angel of Death (Death), also the Angel of Life for a period

  • Oghma- Angel of Knowledge (Metamagic)

  • Danalin- Angel of the Water (Water)

  • Dagda- Angel of Balance (Force)

  • Tali- Angel of the Air (Air)

  • Cernunnos- Angel of Growth (Nature) after Sucellus became the Angel of Life

Evil GodsEdit

  • Camulos- Angel of Peace, who would become the Angel of War (Chaos)
  • Aeron- Angel of Strength, who would become the Angel of Rage (Body)
  • Ceridwen- Angel of the Stars, who would become the Angel of Magic (Dimensional)
  • Mammon- Angel of Foresight, who would become the Angel of Greed (Mind)
  • Esus- Angel of Trust, who would become the Angel of Deception (Shadow)
  • Mulcarn- Angel of Ice, who would become the Angel of Winter (Winter)
  • Agares- Angel of Hope, who would become the Angel of Despair (Entropy)
  • Bhall- Angel of Fire (Fire), who was good until she fell during the Age of Magic

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