Temple of Temporance
Temple of Temporance
Requires: Religious Law
Info: +1 Happy in all cities on continent for Team
+2 Great Bard Greatperson
+10 CultureIcon
Cost: 650 Production
Special: Double production speed with Marble
Type: World Wonder

The Temple of Temporance is a mighty cathedral standing on the “Ile de la Sheol,” said to have been the first point of creation. Built on the site of an older church, which was in turn built on the site of a temple to Junil, it is a magnificent example of gothic architecture and one of the greatest buildings standing. The temple is a massive stone building of square towers, flying buttresses, and tall spires. The exterior of the building is decorated with delicate ribbons of arches and statues of saints and kings. The roofline of the building is festooned with gargoyles. The interior of the temple is a long, narrow space with columns lining each side, supporting two beautiful raised galleries. Brilliant stained glass windows shine gently down on the main altar.


If a player owns Temple of Temporance, they will enjoy a +4 diplomatic bonus with Basium/Mercurians, Arendel Phaedra/Ljosalfar, Cardith Lorda/Kuriotates, and Einion Logos/Elohim.

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