Tar Demon
Tar demon
Race: Demon
Unit Class: Disciple Unit
Requires: Planar Gate
Temple of the Veil
Starts With: Cannot Use Roads
Info: 2/7 Strength + 1 Unholy
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Special: Randomly spawns in Sheaim cities with correct buildings. Chance of spawning increases with Armageddon Counter.

Tar Demons have a chance of appearing in Sheaim cities with a Planar Gate and Temple of the Veil buildings. When killed large enough tar demons will split into two smaller tar demons.

Unclaimed by heaven and unwanted in hell, such is the fate of souls who held no conviction in life. They lay beneath the dark freezing rain of the first layer of hell, which is abandoned even by its lord and sustain themselves by consuming their own excrement. Over the ages their individual features are lost as hell transforms them into a black amorphous blob, becoming in form what their soul had been in life, obscure and indefinite.

Called to service these Tar Demons are as slothful as they were in life. Slow and weak on attack, they are only useful when defending. They are competent fighters as long as the battle is brought to them.

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