Tali is god of air. He is a whimsical, carefree, adventurous, fun-loving, seemingly chaotic trickster god. He did not side with Agares against the One and is not really evil, but he delights in making mischief. He has the personality of a daring young boy. People often think of his as chaotic, but that is not the case. You can always count on him to be irresponsible. He was once very good friends with Danalin, before the God of Water chose to sleep rather than face a world without his beloved Aifons.

His Archangel is Leucetious, the Bringer of Storms. He is the patron of the Hippus, and his symbol is a (flying) horse. He is also beloved by the Balseraphs. He is also the Patron god of Adventurers. None of his followers have the patience to create an organized religion or devote temples to him, but they do maintain several small shrines in extremely hard to reach places, like the edges of the tallest cliffs in Erebus.

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