Stigmata on the Unborn
Requires: Great Prophet or Great Sage
The Ashen Veil Holy City
Info: 1 Free Entropy Mana
+1 BeakerIcon for every city in the world with The Ashen Veil
The Ashen Veil spreads quicker along Trade Routes
+2 Great Sage Greatperson
+4 CultureIcon
Allows 1 Sage and 2 Priest
All Units built in city receive Stigmata Promotion
Cost: N/A Production
Type: Religious Shrine
Special: Adds 5 to the Armageddon Counter

The profane nailed the prophet to the stone,
and had him opened to the sky.
The sheet torn from their covered eyes,
they gazed upon the unveiled world as true.
The unborn saw and screamed and wriggled in the womb,
and came unto the world adark, atainted and corrupt.

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