Leaders: Arendel Phaedra
Auric Ulvin
Beeri Bawl
Jonas Endain
Varn Gosam
Info: All Disciple units receive free Mobility I, and Potency promotion
No Anarchy
Double production speed of Temple of the Veil, Temple of the Overlords, Temple of Leaves, Temple of Kilmorph, Temple of the Empyrean, Temple of the Order and Pagan Temple.
Type: Traits

The Spiritual leader is concerned with the divine. The Leader inspires faith from the people, and promotes the building of temples, and the spread of faith. The Leader's guidance, and religious wording helps keep the people together even during social change.

Strategy Edit

Leaders with the Spiritual trait can abuse the lack of Anarchy that usually occurs with civic or religious changes. At peace? Scholarship or Agrarianism. When war strikes, instantly change over to Nationhood and Conquest.

This synergizes well with the double production speed for temples--many Spiritual leaders can play the Religion game, swapping faiths and alignment-hopping all the way until endgame, grabbing as many priests and religion-enabled units (like Crusaders and Stygian Guards) as they wish.

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