By LevelEdit

Arcane Spells Edit

Arcane spells are cast by Adepts, Mages, Archmages, as well as Druids (Nature) and Dwarven Druids (Earth). Each sphere and level requires a promotion to cast, which in turn requires a Channeling level equal to the spell level.

Sphere I II III
Air Fair Winds Maelstrom Summon Air Elemental
Body Haste Regeneration Graft Flesh
Chaos Dance of Blades Mutation Wonder
Death Raise Skeleton Summon Spectre Lichdom, Summon Wraith
Earth Wall of Stone Stoneskin Summon Earth Elemental
Enchantment Enchanted Blade Flaming Arrows Enchant Spellstaff
Entropy Rust Summon Pit Beast Wither
Fire Blaze Fireball Summon Fire Elemental
Ice Slow Summon Ice Elemental Snowfall
Law Loyalty Summon Host of the Einherjar Valor
Life Sanctify Destroy Undead Resurrection
Metamagic Floating Eye Dispel Magic Summon Djinn
Mind Inspiration Charm Person Domination
Nature Treetop Defense Poisoned Blade Vitalize
Shadow Blur Shadow Walk Summon Mistform
Spirit Courage Hope Trust
Sun Scorch Blinding Light Summon Aurealis
Water Spring Water Walking Summon Water Elemental

Divine Spells Edit

Divine spells are cast by Priests and High Priests. Priests can cast level I and II spells, while High Priests can cast all three levels.

Religion I II III
Ashen Veil Ring of Flames (none) Hellfire, Summon Balor
Empyrean (none) Revelation Crown of Brilliance
Fellowship of Leaves Bloom Summon Tiger Summon Treant
Octopus Overlords (none) Tsunami Summon Kraken
Order (none) Bless Unyielding Order
Runes of Kilmorph Shield of Faith (none) Earthquake

World Spells Edit

Civilization Spell Requires Effect
Amurites Arcane Lacuna Arcane caster Prevents other players from casting spells (20 turns on Normal)
Balseraphs Revelry Festivals technology Triggers a double Golden Age (24 turns on Normal)
Bannor Rally Crusade civic Creates a Demagog in each of your cities and Towns, demotes your Towns to Villages
Calabim River of Blood (none) +2 population in all of your cities, -2 population in all other cities
Clan of Embers For the Horde (none) 50% chance to convert each non-Heroic Barbarian Orcish unit
Doviello Wild Hunt (none) Creates a Wolf with Strength max(2, (unit Strength / 2) + 1) for each of your military units
Elohim Sanctuary (none) Removes all non-team units from your borders and prevents them from entering (30 turns on Normal)
Grigori Ardor (none) Resets the Greatperson counter
Hippus Warcry (none) All of your units gain +1 strength, +1 move, and can attack multiple times per turn for a mean of 20 turns
Illians Stasis (none) Prevents all other players from building or researching (20 turns on Normal)
Infernal Hyborem's Whisper Malevolent Designs technology Take over a non-capital Ashen Veil city
Khazad Mother Lode Mining technology 25 GoldIcon for each of your Mines, 10% of changing each of your flatland tiles to hills
Kuriotates Legends (none) +300 CultureIcon in each of your cities
Lanun Raging Seas Optics technology Mean 75% Cold damage to all non-Lanun units, 25% chance to destroy improvements in coastal tiles
Ljosalfar March of the Trees Way of the Forests technology All of your Forests and Ancient Forests not occupied by enemies spawn a Treant which lasts for 5 turns; these create New Forests on death on unimproved tiles
Luchuirp Gifts of Nantosuelta Masonry technology Creates a Golden Hammer in each of your cities (+1 Strength or settle as Great Engineer)
Malakim Religious Fervor Priesthood technology Creates a Priest in each of your cities with 1 XP for each of your cities with your state religion
Mercurians Divine Retribution Cast by Basium unit Mean 50% damage to all Demons and Undead
Sheaim Worldbreak (none) Armageddon Counter / 4 chance to create smoke in all Forests and Jungles, City Fires in cities (10% chance to destroy each building); damages units by Armageddon Counter; does not affect your territory
Sidar Into the Mist (none) All of your units gain the Hidden promotion
Svartalfar Veil of Night (none) All of your units gain the Hidden Nationality promotion

By Type Edit

City Spells Edit

These spells affect friendly cities. They only last as long as a caster with the source remains in the city.

Spell Source Effect
Hope Spirit II +4 CultureIcon, +1 Happy, free Courage promotion
Inspiration Mind I +2 BeakerIcon, +1 Great Sage Greatperson
Inquisition Inquisition Promotion Permanently removes non-state religions from the city (unless spread there again), 3 turn cast
Unyielding Order Order III No unhappiness, maintenance; -10 crime rate
Wall of Stone Earth I +25% defense, -25% bombardment against non-gunpowder

Terrain Spells Edit

These spells affect terrain under or near the caster.

Spell Source Effect
Blaze Fire I Creates a Smoke in the tile, sets Forests and Jungles on fire
Bloom Fellowship of Leaves I Creates a New Forest in the tile, 2 turn cast
Call Blizzard Illian Divine Creates a Blizzard in the tile
Hellfire Ashen Veil III Creates a Hellfire in the tile (spawns Barbarians)
Earthquake Runes of Kilmorph III Can destroy improvements and buildings within 1 tile, unfortifies non-flying units
Sanctify Life I Removes all Hell terrain within 1 range, or removes a City Ruins in the tile and reduces the Armageddon Counter
Scorch Sun I Turns Snow in the tile to Tundra, or Plains to Desert
Spring Water I Turns Desert in the tile to Plains
Vitalize Nature III Upgrades Desert, (Ice -> Tundra) -> Plains -> Grassland

Area/Ranged Edit

Unless stated otherwise, these spells affect all targets within range.

Spell Source Range Friendly Fire Mean Damage Other Effects Resistable
Blinding Light Sun II 1-1 No None Immobile for 2 turns +30%
Charm Person Mind II 1-1 No None Only affects living units, cannot attack for mean of 5 turns +20%
Crown of Brilliance Empyrean III 1-1 No 30% (max 60%) Buffs caster No
Crush Dwarven Druid 2, single tile No Physical No
Destroy Undead Life II 0-1 Yes 30% Holy No
Dispel Magic Metamagic II 0-2 Yes None Removes buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies, resets Mana Nodes No
Domination Mind III 1-1 No None Spell lost if resisted, gain control of enemy unit +10%
Entangle Druid 1-1, single tile No None Only affects non-flying units, roots units +0%
Maelstrom Air II 0-2 Yes 15% (max 30%) No
Revelation Empyrean II 0-3 Yes None Dispel Magic, and removes invisibility, illusions, and Hidden Nationality from enemies No
Ring of Flames Ashen Veil I 1-1 Yes 15% (max 40%) No
Roar Dragon 1-3 No None Fear +0%
Rust Entropy 1-1 No None -10% Strength to Melee units until they visit a city with a Forge, removes Weapons promotions +20%
Slow Ice I 1-1 No None -1 move for mean of 3.3 turns +0%
Snowfall Ice III 0-1 Yes 40% (max 80%) Temporarily turns tiles into Ice No
Spores Myconid 1-1 No None Only affects living units, cannot move for 3 turns +0%
Taunt Harlequin 1-1 No None Only affects living units, forces attack on caster's stack +40%
Tsunami Octopus Overlords II 0-2 Yes  ? Damages improvements, can only be cast next to water tiles No
Wither Entropy III 1-1 No 10% (max 40%) Only affects living units, adds Withered promotion +0%

Summoning Edit

Spell Source Duration Moves Strength Affinity Collateral Bombard Other
Breathe Fire Dragon 1 1 6 Fire None 60% 15%
Create Battering Ram Khazad Melee Permanent 1 0 None None 25% Requires Engineering
Create Puppet Belseraph Arcane  ? 1 2 None None None Gains promotions of caster
Fireball Fire II 1 1 4 Fire None 30% 10%
Graft Flesh Body III Permanent 1 6 None None None Can graft other units onto it
Raise Skeleton Death I Permanent 1 2 + 1 Death None None None Cannot pillage, Undead
Summon Air Elemental Air III 1 2 5 + 2 Lightning 1 Air None None Elemental, Flying, Sentry II, immune to Lightning, creates Lightning Elemental after winning combat
Summon Aurealis Sun III 1 1 6 2 Sun None None Elemental
Summon Balor Ashen Veil III  ? 1 7/3 +4 Unholy None None None Demon, Resist Fire, Stigmata, can use all weapons, replaces Berzerker
Summon Djinn Metamagic III  ? 2 1 1 all None None Elemental
Summon Earth Elemental Earth III 1 1 11 1 Earth None None Elemental
Summon Fire Elemental Fire III 1 2 6 + 3 Fire 1 Fire 30% None Elemental, Immune to Fire, cannot enter Ice
Summon Host of the Einherjar Law II 1 1 3 + 2 Holy None None None Angel, cannot pillage, +1 duration on winning combat
Summon Ice Elemental Ice II 1 1 2 + 2 Cold 1 Ice None None +10% Tundra Strength, +20% Ice Strength, Elemental, Immune to Cold, Vulnerable to Fire, cannot enter Desert or Burning Sands
Summon Kraken Octopus Overlords III Permanent 4 17 None None None Stealth
Summon Mistform Shadow III  ? 2 6 1 Shadow None None Elemental, Hidden Nationality, Invisible
Summon Pit Beast Entropy II  ? 1 4 + 1 Unholy None None None Demon, +1 duration on winning combat
Summon Sand Lion Malakim Arcane II  ? 3 5 + 1 Fire None None None Can see Stealth, cannot pillage, +40% Desert strength, Elemental, Resist Fire, Nomad
Summon Spectre Death II  ? 2 3 1 Death None None Undead, Fear
Summon Tiger Fellowship of Leaves II Permanent 2 4 None None None Animal, can construct Tiger Cage
Summon Treant Fellowship of Leaves III Permanent 1 10 None None None Cannot pillage, Elemental, Vulnerable to Fire, Woodsman I, Woodsman II
Summon Water Elemental Water III 1 1 8 1 Water None None Elemental, Water Walking
Summon Wraith Death III  ? 2 6 + 2 Death 1 Death None None Undead, Fear, Vile Touch

Unit Buffs Edit

Unit buffs affect all non-Siege land units unless stated otherwise. Mean durations are given.

Spell Source Mean Duration (Turns) Effect
Bless Order II 1 combat +1 Holy combat, +20% against demons
Blur Shadow I 2 Immune to first strikes, defensive strikes
Courage Spirit I Permanent Heals units in same tile +10% per turn, immune to Fear
Crown of Brilliance (caster) Empyrean III 4 Area damage, see invisible units
Cure Disease Medic II Instant Removes Diseased, Plagued, Withered
Dance of Blades Chaos I 1 +1 first strike
Enchanted Blade (Melee) Enchantment I Permanent +20% Strength, removes Rusted
Fair Winds (Naval) Air I 20 +1 move, +25% withdrawal chance
Flaming Arrows (Archery) Enchantment II Permanent +1 Fire combat
Haste Body I 1 +1 move
Heal Medic III Instant Heals units, removed Poisoned
Loyalty Law I Permanent Immune to capture, +20% to resist Charm Person
Morale 10 +10% Strength, +10% City Attack
Mutation Chaos II Permanent Random effect
Poisoned Blade (Recon) Nature II Permanent +1 Poison combat
Regeneration Body II Until healed Heal while moving, heals +10% per turn
Shadow Walk Shadow II 4 Immune to first strikes, building defenses
Shield of Faith Rune of Kilmorph I Permanent +10% Strength
Stoneskin (caster) Earth II 1 combat +3 first strikes, +50% elemental damage resistance, +2 defense Strength
Valor Law III Permanent +1 XP per combat, +10% to resist spells

All Spells Edit

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