Civic: Labor
Requires: Way of the Wicked
Unavailable to Good Leaders
Effects: +1 Production from Quarry
Can sacrifice population to finish production
25% Chance to create a slave from defeated unit
Upkeep: Low

Slavery is the practice of owning other people in forced servitude. Slaves can be used to build improvements, or put to work on building projects thus hurrying along production. Slaves may be purchased (upon passing of the Slave Ring by the Undercouncil) for 30 gold pieces.

A slave has a race, which should be considered when putting them to tasks.

Dwarven Slave

The most valued of slave labor, the Dwarves work harder then other races, and know their way around the hills. They are perfect for improving mountainus regions.

Elven Slave

The Elven slave is an attractive catch. They are able to transverse forests, and jungles quickly making them ideal for use in the construction of Lumbermills, or trails though dense foliage, at least, they would be ideal for this if not for their inate laziness. Elves are the most layed back of all the races. Your better off adding them to the Freak Show, at least then they are of some use. The other alternative is to send them to Asylum, maybe that would break them of their laziness.

Human Slave

The Human slave works half has hard as the standard worker. Other then this, they have no special qualities.

Orc Slave

Orcs are more fighters then craftsman, but they get the job done. Resistant to the heat, they are ideal for laboring in the hot desert sand, or warm claimants. You could always use them as pit fighters, hotwiring their inate rage, and barbaric instincts. I know a few people down at the Asylum who can do this.

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