Race: Human
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Purchased from Slave Ring (Undercouncil Resolution)
Captured after combat
Info: 0 Strength
2 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Upgrades To: Lunatic
Special: Builds at 50% Workrate
Can Build Farm
Can Build Mine
Can Build Road
Can Build Quarry
Can Build Camp
Can Build Workshop
Can Build Lumbermill
Can Build Watermill
Can Build Fort
Can Build Winery
Can Build Plantation
Can Build Cottage
Can Build Windmill
Can Build Pasture
Can Remove Jungle and Forest
Can Sacrifice for 10 Production

A civilization with the Slavery civic will capture 25% of the units it defeats in combat and convert them into slave units. A slave acts like a worker, but builds at half the normal speed. Slaves can also be sacrificed to add a small amount of production to a city's current production.

Consider slaves your extra Workers that you can ditch in a city if you need the money or upgrade to Lunatics if you've got the Temple of The Overlords and the Asylum built (You don't have to be OO, so this is another way to make your slaves useful). If you can spare the cash, you might be able to complete Wonders once per turn. Also keep in mind that Slaves can start out as Elves,Dwarves and Orcs as well.

Known Bugs:

Slaves, upon sacrificing to add production, would not have their maintainance cost removed (e.g. If you have 3 slaves and -2 gold income (because of too many units) and add production with all three, normally you might get +1, but it remains at -2.). Not Fixed yet.

Slaves would upgrade directly to Beserkers. Fixed.

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