Race: Undead
Unit Class: Melee
Requires: Unit casting Raise Skeleton
or Spawns randomly as Barbarian
Starts With: Undead
Cannot Pillage
Info: 2 Strength +1 Death Combat
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production

Kept alive by dark and ancient magic, Skeletons are the spirits of explorers who never found their way home, condemned to wander the frozen wastes for eternity. Though they seldom foray into the lands of the living, they will not hesitate to attack hapless wanderers of the wild.

Notes: If using the Raise Skeleton Spell, you can only have as many Skeletons on your Team as there are Casters on your Team who have the Raise Skeleton Spell. Example. you have 10 Mages and 5 Adepts, all of whom have Death I. You can only have 15 Skeletons on your team.

The Tower of Necromancy raises this limit by 5.

Early on, Skeletons can serve as a bonus to your military, but as more advanced units come into play, these pile of bones become more like city garrisons, making terrible defenders once Tier 3 units come into play. Try to special one Mage or Adept in summoning if you can: the more bonuses they start with, the longer they will be useful on the offense. Don't forget that Permanent Summons also stack on to your maintainance.

Occasionaly, if a Skeleton that wasn't Summoned wins a battle, it might become a Spectre.

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