The Patron Goddess of the Elohim, Sirona is the Goddess of Spirit, Wisdom, and Mercy. Her Archangel is Pelian the Suffering. She is the enemy of Aeron, the evil God of Strength/Body/Rage/Hatred. Before his fall, Sirona was very close to Agares, then the angel of Hope. It pains her to see him in his fallen state. She alone still sees good in him, and believes that anyone, even the original source of evil, can be redeemed. She does not fight to punish evil, but to bring them back to the side of good. Most of the gods see Sirona as a sweet little sister, whose opinion doesn't really matter. Junil and Sirona have never liked each other. Junil's religion, The Order, teaches that Mercy is the greatest temptation to the followers of Junil:"The children of mercy are redemption and injustice. To show mercy to the murderer is to show contempt for the slain, and to grant mercy to the thief is to impoverish his victims. The redemption of a foe is the greatest achievement, but by forgiveness without contrition one is only allowing future suffering. The brother who grants mercy to all sees compassion as his strength; in truth pride is his weakness and the seeds of future misery are sown in the community. Thus mercy must remain the discretion of the gods."

Nevertheless, Temples and Priests of Sirona (and Lugus) have official support in the Bannor Capital, so long as they agree to assist the Order in their crusades.

In the Age of Dragons the gods waged war through proxies, fierce Dragons, wild Krakens, and armies of lesser angels and demons and, rarely, face to face. In either case, the destruction caused was cataclysmic.

Immanuel Logos was a follower of Sirona, goddess of wisdom. He ruled a small tribe in her name, dispensing wisdom and providing shelter for her followers. Until one day he observed her army, a phalanx of titans, marching upon a stronghold of Aeron. The armies met in a field worked by a group of subsistence farmers. When the battle ended, the armies were tattered, but the bystanders were worse, broken in body, fields destroyed, and despondent of spirit. It was a scene played out countless times, as dragons crushed struggling settlements when they clashed or holy fire rained down upon those caught in the middle. Immanuel believed in his goddess, but he could no longer stand on the sidelines, nor confine his care to his own people.

Off came his regal symbols, and he tossed aside his sacred spear for the last time. He gathered orphaned children in his arms, and doled comfort to the dying. Sirona watched this noble leader leave her service but did not forbid him leaving. She knew that for humanity to survive, they needed more than someone fighting on their behalf. They needed care and shelter through the days of heavenly warfare.

Thus was borne an order of monks....(The Elohim)

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