Siege Workshop
Siege workshop
Requires: Construction
Enables: Catapult
Dwarven Cannon
The War Machine
Cost: 120 Production
Type: Building


“Master Ding, would you consider making me your apprentice?”

“Why of course! It seems very few young men ever come to me anymore to learn about the wonderful job of being a siege engineer. So tell me, what is it that made you think of becoming one anyway? The idea that you can create weapons that will turn the tide of wars, crushing the defenses of any city to rubble, and all this from a safe distance away from all the combat?”

“Yeah that sounds great!”

“Or, is it the idea that you will get to work very closely with these machines? So closely in fact that you realize that any little mistake could completely jeopardize the entire campaign. That one slight miscalculation could be the end of your company. That your catapult may be flinging boulders upon your own. Or that you may accidentally put in too much gunpowder in your cannon, causing it to blow up.”

“Erm, I think I’m having second thoughts Master Ding, where is the swordsmith?”

“It seems everyone who asks me always has second thoughts...”

—Master Engineer Ding and young man


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