Shadow unit
Race: Human
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Guilds (Tech)
Council of Esus present in the city (does NOT need to be the State Religion)
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
-25% City Attack and Defense
Can see Invisible Animals
Immune to First Strikes
1 First Strike
Can explore rival territory
Religion:Council of Esus
Info: 8/7 Strength +2 Poison
2 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrages From: Assassin
Special: Can View Rival City Details

Strategy: The Shadow is invisible to most units, and attacks the weakest unit in a stack. The perfect counter to powerful Summoners or Archmages.

The invisible Shadow harasses enemy units. They are equally useful picking off workers, lone units, or even using their bonus against melee units to attack enemy warriors. Shadows receive a penalty to city attacks and city defense, so they are best left in the wilds.


Dwarven ShadowKhazad and Luchuirp

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