Race: Human,Elven or Orcish
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Nothing
Info: 0 Strength
2 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Special: Can found new cities and settlements
Not Military Production

When a city begins to become crowded, a handful of brave families will chose, or be chosen, to form the nucleus of a new settlement. Pioneering though they may be, settlers are extremely vulnerable, as they consist of as many women and children as they do men, and a wise leader always sends an armed escort. Many a budding city has been wiped out by the savage beasts of the wilderness.


Your initial Settler has a starting settler bonus, so scout out a bit before settling. Always have a REASON to settle, and make sure you send an escort to defend your new citry.


Settler clan of embersClan of Embers Settler lanunLanun Settler ljosalfarLjosalfar Settler sidarSidar

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