Civic: Cultural Value
Requires: Arcane Lore
Effects: Unlimited Sage
+20% War Unhappy
+10% BeakerIcon in All Cities
+1 BeakerIcon per specialist
+1 Happy from Library
Upkeep: High


Scholarship or the Scholarly method is a body of principles used by scholars (students and specialist) to make their claims about the world as valid and trustworthy as possible, and to make them known to the scholarly public. It is a method that systematically advances the teaching, research, and practice of a given scholarly field though rigorous inquiry. Scholarship is noted by its significance to its profession, is creative, can be documented, can be replicated or elaborated, and can be and is peer-reviewed through various methods.


Scholarship is a good early civic to have as it boosts research output significantly. However the additional research does little should the game progress to a point where one has researched the entire tech tree. The civic is good for the early game where one is isolated from most foes, and can focus peacefully on research. Research which can lead to a technological advantage during the mid-game.

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