Race: Demon
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Octopus Overlords as State Religion
Mind Stapling
Starts With: +25% against Melee Units
Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Religion: Octopus Overlords
Info: 5 Strength +2 Unholy
1 Move
Cost: 180 Production
Special: Will abandon civilization if state religion switches from Octopus Overlords

The Doviello carry crude weapons into battle, a throwing rock bigger than a man's head or a stout branch. They use these makeshift weapons because they were temporary. The first opponent killed becomes their weapon of choice. Grabbed by the ankles, they would be swung like a meaty flail. Blood sprayed over opponents, and every swing would lose more and more of the corpse, until another was needed to replace the first. At this point in the battle, the "weapons" were always readily available. Occasionally, an opponent would be grabbed while still alive. The effect of being beaten by a bloody body that was screaming at you while it happened is traumatizing to even the most hardened warrior. Few armies were willing to face even a few hundred Doviello.

Saverous was a Doviello warrior, captured by the Burnt Priest and transported to an asylum where he could be the subject of experiments. He would have died there, or worse, gone months without death, but a war began. The Overlords searched their slaves for useful bodies, warriors were sacrificed, priests were pulled from their work to fight. Saverous was nearly 9 feet tall, his body still strong, even if his mind was broken from the experiments. They made him into a thrull.

Possessed by a demon and inscribed with runes that hardened his skin and strengthened his muscles, Saverous was loosed on the battlefield, and Arawn help any man who stood in his way.

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