Race: Extraplanar
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Planar Gate
Gambling House
Starts With: Can See Invisible Units
+35% Withdrawal Chance
Info: 6 Strength +1 Poison
2 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Special: Randomly spawns in Sheaim cities with correct buildings. Chance of spawning increases with Armageddon Counter

Everything they needed was provided. There was no disease, no weakness and a world of gifts to fascinate and learn from. They were overjoyed at what they had, until they saw someone with an even more amazing gift. This was the first pain they experienced.

This pain consumed them, they lost an appreciation for the value of anything they possessed and were ruled by desire for what others had.

A society without those willing to sacrifice made it impossible to wage real wars, so instead they cheated and stole from each other. A small group tried to protect themselves from their own envy by binding their eyes. Unable to see what others had they became content. These were the only ones who survived.

Even without their sight the Revelers, as those from other worlds came to call them, remain true to their nature. They still have a fondness for gambling and stealing, and will come through a Planar Gate if the city contains a Gambling House. Their eyes remain bound but it does not hinder them, and they are even able to detect shadows and other hidden units.

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