Requires: Elohim
Way of the Wise
Info: +2 CultureIcon
+1 Unhealthy
+1 Great Prophet Greatperson
All Units built in city receive free Spirit Guide promotion
Cost: 200 Production
Type: Building


"My dear, beloved children, stand down and lay down your weapons. Kneel and pray. Because thou are about to be sanctified by the omniscent presence of this holy item. Its touch healing thousands of souls, its look giving sight to the blind, its smell giving hope to milions, making me a voluntarily slave of its infinite love. Let us pray, let us pray to honour its very existence..."


Relics make your cities centres of culture with thousands of pilgrims arriving at your city, thus populating your culture. Your priests, serving these items may become prophets. Your city inhabitants are becoming more and more spiritual, however temporal increases in your city's population is making it more and more polluted, more unhealthy

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