Race: Human,Elven,Lizardman and Demonic
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Animal Handling
Hunting Lodge
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
-20% City Attack
Can see Invisible Animals
Better Results from Tribal Villages
Can Carry 1 Hawk
+50% vs Animals
Subdue Animal
Info: 7 Strength
2 Move
Cost: 150 Production
Upgrades From: Hunter
Upgrades To: Beastmaster
Dwarven Druid


Rangers can carry hawks and carry on a Scout's increased movement rate. They are also the first unit to receive the Animal Handling promotion, allowing them to convert defeated animal units. These units are particularly useful because they can travel in Rival territory.

Rumoured to be the bastard offspring of Elves and Men, the semi-autonomous Rangers are beyond doubt the best scouts available, if you can tempt a few to join your cause. Almost magically in tune with nature, Rangers can bend the wildest of beasts to their will and fear neither lofty peaks nor frozen wastes.


Ranger amuritesAmurites Ranger infernalInfernal Ranger lanunLanun Ranger ljosalfarLjosalfar Lizardman rangerClan of Embers

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