Pyre Zombie
Pyre zombie
Race: Undead
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Bronze Working
Starts With: Can use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
+10% City Attack
Info: 3 Strength +1 Fire
1 Move
Cost: 60 Production
Special: Explodes when killed, causing damage to nearby units
Replaces: Axeman


Use Pyre Zombies as expendable front line troops. They are as strong as Axemen, but when they are killed they explode, damaging all units (enemy and friendly) within a tile of the zombie, centered on the tile that the Pyre Zombie is located on (the tile it defends, or the tile in which it starts its attack on an adjacent enemy).

This ability makes also for an excellent city defender. Every killed Pyre Zombie explodes and weakens units in the attacker's stack, making capturing the city a difficult task. When playing against the AI, usually 1-3 Pyre Zombie deaths is enough to force the AI to halt an attack and heal the stack.

You can also use Pyre Zombies as kamikaze units, to soften enemy stacks with collateral damage. This can also be a way to take down stronger units.

Note also that the explosion has a chance of creating smoke on Forest, New Forest and Jungle tiles. Also, NEVER split a stack of Pyre Zombies into adjacent stacks, as the death of Zombies in one stack will weaken their comrades in the other stack.

General tips on defeating the Pyre Zombie:

  • Destroy Undead: If you have access to Life mana, the Life 2 spell Destroy Undead is very effective against the Pyre Zombie. Note that because Destroy Undead affects ALL undead in tiles adjacent to the user and has no upper limit on damage, multiple casts of the spell by a stack of mages can remove the Zombie threat with ease. When killed by this spell, the Pyre Zombie does not explode to do Area of Effect damage. However, it is usually difficult to obtain Mages with this spell in the timeframe it takes a competent Sheaim player to obtain a stack of Pyre Zombies.
  • Multi-move Units: Since Pyre Zombies only deal collateral damage to all units within one tile, a simple solution is to attack, one unit at a time, from outside their range--taking advantage of units with many movement points such as cavalry or recon units.
  • Baiting (vs AI): Sacrificing a weak unit by placing it in a tile adjacent to the Pyre Zombie stack usually causes the AI to move the entire stack into that tile--by doing this, the AI can be delayed in its attack, giving enough time for the player to generate a better defense.

Differences from an Axeman Edit

  • Basically a living bomb.
  • Doesn't need Copper to build.
  • Gets all benefits of Undead.

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