Tiles With Techs Edit

Tile Food Production Commerce Health
Grassland Farm 4
Grassland Farm with Agrarianism 5
Grassland Farm with Agrarianism and Aristocracy 4 2
Grassland Town 2 5
Plains Workshop 6 1
Grassland Hill Windmill 2 3 2
Plains Hill Mine 5
Plains Hill Mine with Arete 6
Riverside Grassland Ancient Forest Lumbermill 3 2 1 0.5
Riverside Plains Hill Ancient Forest Lumbermill 1 4 1 0.5
Coast with Lighthouse 2 2
  • Financial trait, 1 Commerce from rivers, resources, and special features not included. Plains Oasis (via the Spring spell) is fairly attractive, and Flood Plains gives +1 food at the cost of +0.4 Unhealthy.
  • Best Food is Grassland Farm with Agrarianism (no Production loss since there was none to begin with).
    • Engineers can give 2/3 to 3 (usually 1) Production and Sages 1 to 5 (usually 1.5) BeakerIcon per Food depending on health, civics, and wonders (and of course availability).
  • Best Production is Plains Workshop (late tech).
  • Best Commerce is Grassland Town (long buildup time).
  • Best all-rounder is Grassland Hill Windmill (late tech), though Kuriotates would do better with Plains Enclave (long buildup time).
  • If you have unhealthy population or running Guardian of Nature as a non-elf, Riverside Grassland Ancient Forest Lumbermill is competitive.
  • Lumbermills and Farms reach their full potential fastest. Cottages take a long time to grow, but are only moderately dependent on tech. Workshops, Mines, and Windmills need a lot of tech to reach their full potential.
  • Only Lanun can keep water tiles competitive to the end--though water tiles require far less tech and preparation to reach full potential, and coastal cities have other benefits.

Civilizational Modifiers Edit

Civilization Affects Food Production Commerce Health
Elves Ancient Forests on non-Lumbermill Improvements +1 +1 +0.5
Lanun Water +1
Kuriotate Towns to Enclaves +1 +1

Specialists Edit

Base Statistics Edit

Specialist Production GoldIcon BeakerIcon CultureIcon
Bard 0 0 1 4
Citizen 1 0 0 0
Engineer 2 0 0 0
Merchant 0 3 0 0
Priest 1 1 0 0
Sage 0 0 3 0
Unhappy Citizen 0 0 0 0

Modifiers Edit

Souce Affects (includes Great People) Production GoldIcon BeakerIcon CultureIcon
Altar of the Luonnotar III, IV wonder Priest +1
Altar of the Luonnotar V-VI wonder Priest +2
Altar of the Luonnotar VII wonder Priest +3
Guild of Hammers wonder Engineer +1
Hall of Kings wonder all +2
Pillar of Chains wonder Unhappy Citizen +1
Sidar Palace wonder Bard, Engineer, Merchant, Sage +1 to main
The Great Library wonder Sage +1
Theatre of Dreams wonder Bard +2
Caste System civic all +1 +2
Scholarship civic all +1 0

Maximums Edit

Calculated for non-Sidar, but with all wonders and civics.

Specialist Production GoldIcon BeakerIcon CultureIcon
Bard 0 0 3 10
Engineer 3 0 2 4
Merchant 0 3 2 4
Priest 4 1 2 4
Sage 0 0 6 4
  • Sage is probably the best (which Scholarship grants unlimited of).
  • Engineer is about even with Priest; which is better depends on having Guild of Hammers versus level of Altar of Luonnotar. Figure the Engineer starts with two "levels" and add two with the Guild of Hammers, then compare with the Altar level.

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