Planar Gate
Planar gate
Requires: Sheaim
Knowledge of the Ether
Info: Spawns Units randomly depending on other Buildings present in city
Chance of spawning and number of total units spawned is dependent on Armageddon Counter
  • Under 50: 1 unit of each per Planar Gate with 6% chance to spawn
  • 50-74: 2 units of each per Planar Gate with 9% chance to spawn
  • 75-99: 3 units of each per Planar Gate with 12% chance to spawn
  • 100: 4 units of each per Planar Gate with 15% chance to spawn
Enables: With Gambling House: Revelers
With Mage Guild: Mobius Witch
With Carnival: Chaos Marauder
With Hippodrome: Manticore
With Public Baths: Succubus
With Weaponsmith: Minotaur
With Temple of the Veil: Tar Demon
Cost: 300 Production
Type: Building



This is a Sheaim unique building. Building as many of these as possible and raising the Armageddon Counter is one way to play them. Some hold this building as a mid-late game strategy due to the time commitment required to construct multiple Planar Gates.

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