Race: Human
Unit Class: Disciple Units
Requires: Fanaticism
Runes of Kilmorph as State Religion
Temple of Kilmorph
Starts With: Medic I
Demon Slaying I
Religion:Runes of Kilmorph
Info: 7 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Upgrades From: Soldier of Kilmorph
Upgrades To: Paladin

A holy warrior following the teachings of Kilmorph, the Paramander is a strong unit against demons. They require Copper and a Temple of Kilmorph to be trained, and can be upgraded to Paladins.


The Paramander is the one T3 Disciple Unit (compared to the Crusader, and other similar units) that has all of its strength in untyped, regular strength: it has 7 base strength vs the Crusader's 6+1 Holy. This is particularly good if the opponent has some means of magic resistance or immunity, as your unit's strength will not diminish due to magic effects. However, this can be a two-sided sword as well, as the typed damage could be useful (e.g. Holy damage vs Demon units, which have -25% Holy Resistance).

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