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Orbis is a modmod for Fall From Heaven 2 (FFH2) that incorporates a variety of features not seen in vanilla FFH2 such as:

  • 6 New civilizations
  • 10 New Guilds that have an intimate role in your economy
  • 2 New Religions (Cult of the Dragon and The White Hand (religion))
  • Each population point requires 3Food, not 2Food
  • New Units and Buildings
  • ...and more!

New CivilizationsEdit

  • Dao - Eastern civilization with synergies with the elements
  • Mechanos - Anti-theist, Anti-magic steampunk civilization
  • Palatinate - High middle ages civilization with guild synergies
  • Scions of Patria - People of fallen Patria of old, returned from the dead
  • Tlacatl - Lizardman civilization that plays differently depending on alignment (merge of Cualli and Mazatl civilizations)


  • Ahwaric
  • Ahpepis
  • Sputnik_323
  • Marnok
  • Tarqueline (original designer of Scions of Patria civilization)
  • MagisterCultuum
  • Jabie
  • MaxAstro
  • seZereth (graphics)
  • Woodelf (graphics)
  • Danrell (graphics)
  • Hrochland (graphics)
  • C.Roland (graphics)
  • Master Lexx (GreenMod)
  • Psychic_Llamas  (graphics, Warhammer Mod)
  • Vehem and the rest of the Fall Further modmod
  • Refar (graphics)
  • Chamaedrys (graphics)
  • Chuggi (graphics)
  • GarretSidzaka (graphics)
  • Rishardas (graphics)
  • Xienwolf (coding)
  • Sto! (coding)

Download InstructionsEdit

Main download thread can be found here.

  1. Download Orbis 1.0 from this link, and install. (This does NOT require FFH2 to be installed.)
  2. Download Orbis 1.0b Patch from this link, and install. (This does NOT require FFH2 to be installed.)

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