Nullstone Golem
Nullstone golem
Race: Golem
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Mithril Weapons
Starts With: Golem
Magic Immune
Info: 13 Strength
Cost: 240 Production
Special: +25% Production speed with Marble

It was upon watching an armorer from a friendly neighboring civilization produce armor for their Knights that a Luchuirp enchanter had an epiphany. In the same manor that the forged armor deflected arrows, a properly shaped and sufficiently polished stone body might deflect spells sent its way. The experiment was more successful than the enchanter was prepared for. The Nullstone Golem deflects magical energy completely, often keeping spells intact and sending them in unpredictable directions. The first time a Nullstone Golem advanced on a group of well-prepared enemy mages, a nearby iron golem was rusted instead, three fireballs were returned towards their senders, and four passing cows were charmed.

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