Mokka's Cauldron
Requires: Necromancy
Death Mana
Info: +2 CultureIcon
Cost: 700 Production
Special: When Unit in city is killed, a Flesh Golem of same strength is created with 50% health
Type: World Wonder

Frostlings were horrid creatures, all avarice and teeth, but weak unless they came in large numbers. Unable to survive the warmth of the Age of Rebirth they have disappeared from Erebus, and exist only in stories.

One of those stories is about an unusually intelligent frostling named Mokka. He was said to carry a bag where he collected the breath of dying men and have a cauldron that would resurrect anyone who was placed in it.

Legends are often incomplete and this cauldron is no different. Bodies placed in it do come back to life, but that life is unnatural.

Any living unit that dies in the city with Mokka’s Cauldron will be raised as a flesh golem of similar strength.

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