Mithril Working
Requires: Engineering
Iron Working
Leads to: Divine Essence
Mithril Weapons
Allows: Reveals Mithril
The Mithril Golem
Cost: 6400 BeakerIcon
Type: Tech

I remember when we first stumbled upon it. At first I mistook it for silver, but then I let my lantern shine upon it. Never before had I seen such beauty, and I mouthed a silent prayer of thanks to Kilmorph. I stood there stunned for a moment, not daring to use my pick on this wondrous material. Then a sudden shaft of light illuminated the mine wall, coming from a hole in the ceiling. I then knew I had Kilmorph's blessing, and with infinite care I began to reap this mythical harvest.--Osmand Rockspittle, Mining Supervisor

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