Message from the Deep
Requires: Octopus Overlords as State Religion
Leads to: Mind Stapling
Allows: First to Discover Founds Octopus Overlords
Receives Free Zealot
Temple of the Overlords
Cost: 500 BeakerIcon
Type: Tech
"I was adjusting the mainsail, getting ready to head home after a long day at sea, when suddenly I felt it. A terrible presence situated thousands of feet beneath us. I thought I was going mad, until I saw my expression mirrored on the faces of my crew. Something was down there, and had I known then what it was, I'd have headed for the shore and never sailed out again."
―Reaghar Yor, Fisherman


Message from the Deep allows the researcher to found the Octopus Overlords, if they are the first to do so. If you have the Octopus Overlords as your State Religion, you may also research Mind-Stapling after Message from the Deep. With the Octopus Overlords in a city, you may build Drowns, or pay 60 gold to turn a unit into a Drown, if the Octopus Overlords religion is present. You may also build Zealots (which can spread the religion), and are given one when you obtain the technology.

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