Race: Human
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Doviello starting unit
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
+10 City Attack
Info: 4 Strength
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production

Lucian grunted, lifted his shoulder and threw Fadious back. His axe swung just as Fadious was far enough away to meet the heart of its thick steel blade. It cut easily through the worn leather breastplate spraying the air with blood and bits of Fadious’s entrails. The axe was a symbol of the problem with the Doviello. It was a relic of an earlier time, when the Doviello were capable of forging such items. Even now, at the beginning of the Age of Rebirth, a weapon nearly a century old was better than the crude weapons the Doviello used. But the other empires were relearning the knowledge of former ages, soon the Doviello would face armies outfitted with steel weapons and armor. And the strength of the Doviello would not be enough to stand against it.

Yet here they stood, arguing with each other over the meager scraps of their frozen tundra. While each year the ice receded and more powerful empires moved into the lands, pushing the Doviello back. Instead of uniting to stand against these other armies the tribe leaders fought each other. Lucian hated killing Fadious, it was another senseless death that only weakened the Doviello but that was all the Doviello responded to.

“Does anyone else oppose me?”

Most dropped their eyes as Lucian looked at them. A few sided with Lucian and had cheered him on during the fight, but most had hoped that Lucian would die and they could go back to the life they knew and ignore his crazy plan to restore their power. Either way no one stood against him.

“Gather your weapons and as much gear as you can carry without slowing you down. We will hunt as we go and the land will only get less hospitable as we near Letum Frigus. Two weeks run, and then we will feast from the Illians' larder. They will receive us as kings for the message we carry.”

That was the secret of a forced march, promise the men paradise at the other end. For the Doviello, it was a feast. Lucian only hoped his story was true.


  • He is equivalent to an axeman, but the Doviello begin play with him on the map.
  • He is the only hero who does not start with the hero promotion, making him somewhat less useful than an actual hero. However, he is highly effective in early warrior rushes on a neighboring civilization, and if Wild Hunt is cast, a good source of a stronger-than-normal Wolf unit.

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