Race: Human,Elven,Orcish or Demonic
Unit Class: Archery Unit
Requires: Bowyers
Archery Range or Doviello
Starts With: Can Use Bronze and Iron Weapons
+25% City Defense
+25% Hill Defense
1 First Strike
Info: 5/6 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Upgrades From: Archer
Javelin Thrower
Upgrades To: Crossbowman
Marksman (Unit)


The best non-limited city defender is the Longbowman. They start with a high bonus to city defense and like all archers have access to the City Garrison promotions which make them even better.


Longbowmen were highly skilled archers capable of firing up to six arrows a minute over long distances into massed enemy formations. Using bows constructed from a type of wood called Yew, they used arrows specifically designed to penetrate chain mail armor -- even plate if close enough. Frequently they would comprise approximately four-fifths of an army, and their devastating attacks helped to reverse the dominance of knights in warfare. Only lightly-armored, they enjoyed a great mobility advantage should their opponents survive their barrages.

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Longbowman bannorBannor Longbowman clan of embersClan of Embers Longbowman hippusHippus Longbowman infernalInfernal Longbowman kuriotatesKuriotates Longbowman lanunLanun Longbowman ljosalfarLjosalfar

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