Race: Human
Unit Class: Hero
Requires: Balseraphs
Starts With: Sorcery
Channeling I
Channeling II
Mind I
Chaos I
Chaos II
Spell Extension I
Magic Immune
Info: 2 Strength
2 Move
Cost: 180 Production
Special: Cannot Attack
Cannot Pillage
Can Explore Rival Territory
Automatically withdraws before death, except during first strike or if in a city
Can View Rival City Details
Creates Gypsy Camp if in rival city
When in rival city, has 15% chance to cause 2 turns of revolt
When in rival city where culture is 1<, city will join Balseraphs

Fun to play with, horrible to play against, most leaders would rather see a berserker horde wander into their lands than the clown prince. Loki acts as a Gypsy Wagon, lowering the culture and gold of any city he is in (except his own civilization's), but Loki's also causes unrest in the cities he occupies and can flip them to the Balseraphs if their culture gets low enough.

Loki can investigate cities and has effective spells for charming and confusing enemy units, but his most frustrating ability is that he is the most difficult unit in the game to kill. When attacked he simply runs away to any open tiles around him. Loki must be cornered or completly surrounded before he can be killed in combat.

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