Race: Human
Unit Class: Disciple Unit
  • Cannot Pillage
Starts With:
Strength: 2 Strength
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 6 Production


Well before the founding of any of the five great polarizing religions in the Age of Rebirth, Varn Gosam of the Malakim had already consolidated the multiplicity of prophets in his land into one faith, the worship of Lugus. It is interesting to speculate how the age would have differed had Lugus chosen to get directly involved in the conflicts that defined it. Nonetheless, the Lightbringer was widely used in Malakim lands due to their divine scrying powers.


Lightbringers have extra visibility, making them useful to prevent barbarian spawning, as well as healing or added culture.

Lightbringers can upgrade into any of the religious disciple-class units. While playing as Varn Gosam (and his Spiritual trait), this translates into an ability to have a strong Disciple- and Arcane- assortment of units. By using any combination of XP-granting civics, the Malakim Desert Shrine, levels of the Altar of the Luonnatar, the Form of the Titan, and a Command Post, Lightbringers (and any other Disciple-class unit) can be produced with Mobility I and Potency, and a slew of XP. By promoting some of those Lightbringers to Savant and then to a mage, one can easily get mages with potency, (imperfectly) mimicking the Arcane trait casters--the main downside to these casters are that the first few promotions cannot be first-tier spells as Lightbringers are still Disciple-class units. This can also be applied to the Lightbringer-Disciple of Leaves-Ranger upgrade path for Potency-enabled recon units, but the benefits are fewer compared to Potency-enabled mages. Also, the Malakim generally depend the least upon recon units, as their strength lies in a powerful Disciple- and religious-unit based army.

In general, this synergizes very well with the Malakim penchant for Altar Victories, as the Altar both provides XP to disciple-type units, and a victory condition.

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