(needs work) A race of giantkin.

Civilization-Specific TraitsEdit

  • All Jotnar cities may only work tiles adjacent to the city tile. This means that only 8 tiles are available to work, as cultural expansion does not grant the ability to work all the tiles in a city's "fat cross". This means that Jotnar cities are usually low-population cities.
  • Jotnar giant units are not built, but upgraded from Jotnar Workers. Jotnar Workers can level up over time--the longer you leave them unpromoted, the better the final unit will be, as the Jotnar will gain promotions over time.
    • (please list the upgrades in order here)
  • All Jotnar have Sentry, allowing them to see 2 tiles due to their height (unless blocked by hills, forests or mountains as usual).


  • Fall Further
  • Rise from Erebus
  • Wild Mana

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