Integer Values may be any whole number, positive or Negative. However, many Integer Values have not been written to handle anything outside of the range which they might expect. This could mean that the value is limited to always be above 0, or to always be between 0 and 100. Ideally the name will grant insight into what range of values are acceptable, but when it comes down to it, the only way to know for certain is to check the programming for where the value is used in equations.

If an Integer is Divided, the game will Truncate the value. Meaning that 1.999 and 1.001 would both be taken as simply 1. This can frequently lead to the loss of information which might be desired for calculations to be completely accurate, and thus it is preferable to use a Float variable if decimals are expected and accuracy desired.

Naming conventions dictate that any Integer values start with the letter "i" to indicate their data type in the XML. Once the XML had been loaded into the main code, this indicator is dropped.

 For example: <iCombat>

Typical fields to utilize the information found in a Float variable are "get___" "change___" & "set___"

 For example: .getCombat(), .changeCombat(1) & .setCombat(5)

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