Requires: Medicine
Info: +3 Health
Units heal 25% faster in city
Enables: Grigori Medic
Cost: 300 Production
Type: Building


I stare out the window a lot now. Outside there are children playing, laughing, running, and chasing each other. They will never know war. They will never know sacrifice, and I am grateful for that. To see the sun rise and fall, and never understand loss like mine is a beautiful and tragic thing.

My nurse comes regularly to me, to tend to my leg, and to ask if my other still feels like its there. It does sometimes. I dream that I wander through our old house, your golden hair shining in the sunlight and lightening my heart. I chase you in my dreams, through our fields in Yullda pass, and ride our horses together. I know those days are gone. I know you’ve found someone new, and I am happy for you. I expect her to love you as I did.

Your mother visited me once, and cried for me. Tell her not to worry, there are worse here than I.


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