Infernal Palace
Requires: Infernal
4 Cities to Relocate
Info: +1 Happy
+8 Commerce
+2 CultureIcon
+1 GoldIcon, +1 CultureIcon, +1 BeakerIcon for all State Religion buildings
+25% City Defense
+50% Production
-10% Crime Rate in Capital
-100% War Weariness in all cities
Starting Resources: Entropy Mana
Fire Mana
Cost: 160 Production
Type: Palace


The major highlight of the Infernal Palace is the -100% War Weariness. This allows the Infernal player to go to war as much as they want, with no downside to losing units in combat.

However, this benefit can also be gained by an unusual civilization: the Elohim may also gain this superb -100% War Weariness due to their Tolerant civilization trait. If the Elohim capture an Infernal city, they may replace their Elohim Palace with a new Infernal Palace in that captured city, granting them the ability to war without regard to War Weariness.

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