Infernal Pact
Requires: The Ashen Veil as State Religion
Corruption of Spirit
Leads to: Nothing
Allows: Bring the Infernals Civilization to the Game
Meshabber of Dis
Demons' Altar
Infernal Grimoire
Sacrifice the Weak
Cost: 1350 BeakerIcon
Type: Tech
"I pledge my body, to gain your strength; I pledge my mind, to gain your insight; I pledge my heart, to gain your devotion; I pledge my soul, to gain your obedience."
―The Grimoire of Summoning, Second Ritual.


Once you research this, consider immediately constructing the Infernal Grimoire, as once the Infernal civilization enters the game, they tend to immediately begin construction on this wonder for the free research.

Sacrifice the Weak combines amazingly well with Aristograriansim (Aristocracy + Agrarianism) for commerce, and huge growth.

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