Immortal unit
Race: Human, Dwarven, Elven or Demonic.
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Divine Essence
Level 6 Unit
Starts With: Can use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Resurrected in the civilization's capital if killed
Info: 9 Strength
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Upgrades From: Champion
Boarding Party
Dragon Slayer
Sect of Flies
Special: Does not lose Immortal Promotion upon death. To be killed, must die in capital when respawned.

Resurrected in the civilizations capital if killed

Most believe the Immortals to be insane or undying; they are the first into battle and the last to leave. They are left to guard the cities soon to fall and sent alone deep behind enemy lines looking for exposed troops. They are not insane, and they do die, but after each death they are reborn in the capital of their civilization. A civilization can only have 4 Immortals at once.

Side Note Edit

  • Kael uses the Immortal's icon for his civfanatics account. Thanks to him for making this great mod!


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