Leaders: Rhoanna
Hero: Magnadine
Race: Human
Allignment: Neutral
Patron God: Tali
Emblematic Mana: Air Mana
Totem Animal: Horse
Enemies: Khazad
World Spell: Warcry
Unique Quality: Extremely Mobile Army
Type: Civilization

Background Edit

Warriors for hire, the swift moving Hippus have fought for, and against, every nation at one time or another. They are equally happy partnered with orcs as they are with men as long as they get paid. Making extensive use of fast moving cavalry, they mount lightning fast raids, carrying out attacks for hard-contracted currency and the spoils of the attack. Rhoanna is behind every contract, whilst Tasunke ensures there are spoils aplenty to be had.

Features Edit

The Hippus have excellent cavalry at their disposal and are the civilization best suited to make use of it. A highly aggressive game is rewarding when led by Tasunke, whilst Rhoanna allows for a slightly more peaceful strategy. In the end however, the Hippus are suited to fighting and raiding.

Their horsemen are faster than those of other races and their Hero, Magnadine, is peerless amongst his mounted brethren.

Strategy Links Edit

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