Race: Human
Unit Class: Arcane Unit
Requires: Octopus Overlords as State Religion
Arcane Lore
Starts With: Channeling I
Channeling II
Channeling III
Religion:Octopus Overlords
Info: 7 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 180 Production
Special: Will abandon civilization if state religion switches from Octopus Overlords
Can Cast Hastur's Razor which randomly distributes damage among all units within 1 tile of Hemah

They called him an affective dreamer. It was a horrible attunement with magic that few were cursed with; what he dreamed became real.

When he was 12, Hemah saw salamanders playing on the wet stones. They were like living pieces of painted mercury, tiny dragons who had an entire primordial world underneath the dock behind his home. They hissed at Hemah, as if confidence alone would keep him from squashing them.

That night the hisses came again, but lower, echoing through the small stone house. Slick painted demons broke through the walls. With forked tongues, they scuttled through the shadows and grabbed Hemah's parents, dragging them from the house.

He slept through it all. In the morning, the neighbors' screams woke him. Most of the house had collapsed, only his room remained standing. The neighbor's wife was a round woman with a voice so high she seemed to squeal like the pigs she and her husband raised. She rushed in and threw herself on Hemah, checking to make sure he was okay. They told him to close his eyes before they led him out of his room, but he looked.

Claw marks, blood, everything was broken...and his parents were missing. They searched everywhere for them, but couldn't find them, but Hemah knew where they were. He led the pig farmer and his wife to the river behind their home and looked beneath the dock. That's where they found Hemah's parents' broken bodies, their mouths stuffed with so much mud their throats had exploded.

Since then, everyone who has gotten close to Hemah has died, not that those who don't know him do much better. One morning, he awoke to find the entire population of the small village he was passing through was simply gone. Sometimes creatures are created that live well after he awakes. People are killed, women are raped. Men are made into puppets for the night, forced to play out scenes from Hemah's subconscious over and over again.

Some say Hemah isn't a mage, he only dreamt he was once and he hasn't forgotten the dream. Others wonder if the Overlords found Hemah and caused his dreams, or if Hemah dreamt of the Overlords and created them. What is known is that as dangerous as Hemah is awake, he is even more dangerous asleep.

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